Nationalist AfD Arthur Wagner Converted To ISLAM Because Protestant Church Accepts Gay Marriage.....


Maybe Rad Trads will one day convert to ISLAM if another Pope Francis is elected Pope!

A senior member of Germany's right-wing Alternative for Deutschland party made headlines when he converted to Islam, and now cites the Protestant church's support of gay marriage as a reason for his conversion. Arthur Wagner, 48, recently stepped down from his leading party position in the Brandenburg state legislative committee and converted to Islam. The former politician has broken his silence on his conversion saying the church's support of same-sex marriage and the presence of priests at Christopher Street Day, Germany and Switzerland's gay pride parades, are reasons for his change of faith. Source


  1. Doesn't he know that Islam is full of (discreetly covered) sodomy? Let him read the Arabian Nights (or simply Google Richard Burton)... =)

    1. google.......Sir Richard Francis Burton

      google......T E Lawrence.....

      Sotadic zone - makes sense

      I never did buy into those news reports of ISIS throwing sodomites off of buildings - I always thought that the western Press made it up and that the ISIS sodomites were actually murdering men who refused the homo advances of ISIS militants....That has always been my first impression.

    2. Yes, that ISIS story was probably fake news / manufactured outrage by the pro-homosexual media.

      As for Rad Mad Trads, they have a morbid fascination for gayness as long as it wears a "conservative" mask...

      1. Islam
      2. MILO
      3. "Spiritually male" Lying Ann Barnhardt
      4. Michael Voris
      5. "Maharaja of Gay Pajamas" Steve Skojec
      6. Richard Williamson
      7. Enoch Powell


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