Rad Trad CONVERTS To ISLAM! Leading Member Of NATIONALIST AfD Arthur Wagner CONVERTS To Islam

Nationalist converts to ISLAM - imagine that!

I really don't know if this Nationalist German is a Catholic, let alone a Rad Trad, but he fits the profile of a Rad Trad. Many Rad Trads, if not all, are fierce Nationalists. 

Rad Trads have a lot in common with Muslims - just ask Rad Trad Joseph Shaw! See here  here  here  here

Leading member of far-right AfD in Brandenburg converts to Islam

The Alternative for Germany is known for its mantra that “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany.” Now a senior member of the party in Brandenburg has caused a mini-sensation by converting to Islam. Arthur Wagner, who until recently sat on the AfD state legislative committee in Brandenburg, told Tagesspiegel that his conversion to Islam was “a private matter”, refusing to comment further. The conversion seems particularly peculiar, since only last summer Wagner was accusing Angela Merkel of making a “huge mistake” by opening Germany’s borders to refugees. “Germany is mutating into a different country,” he said at the time, according to Tagesspiegel. At the same time, Wagner is known in his hometown of Falkensee for being engaged in voluntary work to help refugees integrate into German society. In line with the stance taken by the AfD across Germany, the party in Brandenburg claims that the spread of Islam in Germany poses a danger to societal peace. On its homepage, the AfD Brandenburg writes that “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany. We see the ideology of multiculturalism as a serious threat to societal peace and cultural unity.” On the record though, the party is saying that it has no problem with the fact that Wagner has become a Muslim. Source

How many Rad Trads will following in Wagner's footsteps and convert to ISLAM?


  1. Rad Trads probably love Islam because of the polygamy bit... =)


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