ATHEIST Nicolas Cruz Opens Fire On ASH WEDNESDAY At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland, Florida Killing Over 20

BREAKING NEWS: Former member of the ROTC 'shoots up to 50' at Florida high school leaving 'many dead' after going on a rampage before being taken into custody a mile from the scene following dramatic showdown with SWAT  

A suspected gunman has been arrested after opening fire on a Florida high school, leaving at least 50 injured. The 'heavily armed' shooter, named as student Nicolas Cruz, 19, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, armed with what appears to be an assault rifle, and began shooting at just after 2pm. Students barricaded themselves into their classrooms, while others were seen running out of the building with their hands in their air as police and SWAT teams swarmed the school. Those fleeing the school, in single file, each threw their backpack into a large pile and huddled together under trees across the street.  Source

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  1. Fr. Z is mad - he said, damnit, I'm mad. After blaming the MSM, he added a couple of very important points:

    "Turning my thoughts to the recent school shooting in Florida, I have a few thoughts.

    First, given that we don’t want an unprovided death, let us not have an unprovided life. To avoid both, we must practice situational awareness.

    Spiritual situational awareness involves a daily examination of conscience.

    Sacred situational awareness involves full, conscious and active participation in our sacred liturgical worship.

    Temporal situational awareness involves watching your physical surroundings, taking in the actions of people around you, knowing where your exits are, being aware of how to defend yourself and loved ones, taking in who is doing what and where, etc."

  2. thanks for reminding me......see new post......


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