Doritos Eating Pajama Wearing Steve Skojec Was Asked From A “Journalist” About One Peter Five Financial Records......

One Peter Five is a charitable organization that depends on donations, also has a SWAG STORE to sell you stuff.

Basically Steve Skojec wants to separate you from your money.

The Apostles never demanded payment from anyone to hear the Gospel - St Paul supported himself with his tent making abilities.

But times are different today - if you want to hear the Gospel you have to pay for it. Somehow that smells fishy. All Rad Trad LAY bloggers want to separate you from your money. These Rad Trad LAY bloggers were not sent by the Bishop. These LAYMEN went out on their own. That smell fishy too!

So in order to hear the Gospel from LAYMEN who were not COMMISSIONED by a Bishop you must pay for it. When did this vile practice start?

Here's Stevie's complaint:

I received an inquiry from a “journalist” several days ago about our financial records here at 1P5 — a clear indication that if they can find something to use against us, they will. I can’t imagine we’re alone in that. Strangely, I think we can take this as a positive sign. It means that while we may be outnumbered, we’re winning — or at least heavily influencing — the war for public perception. Nobody bothers to attack someone who doesn’t pose a threat. Source

So apparently no one is allowed to have a look see into the financial records of a NON-PROFIT Blogger?

Notice how Journalist Steve Skojec puts in qoutes “Journalist”  when describing the one who wanted a little look see......