Gift For Fr. John Zuhlsdorf - Crucifix Made From GUN Parts..........

Me Likey A Lot....

Canon 138. Clerici ab iis omnibus quae statum suum dedecent, prorsus abstineant: indecoras artes ne exerceant; aleatoriis ludis, pecunia exposita, ne vacent; arma ne gestent, nisi quando iusta timendi causa subsit; venationi ne indulgeant, clamorosant antem nunquam exerceant; tabernas aliaque similia loca sine necessitate aut alia iusta causa ab Ordinario loci probata ne ingrediantur.

Canon 138. Clerics must abstain from all things that are unbecoming arts; not play games of chance with money; not carry weapons, unless there is justified cause for fear; not indulge in hunting and never in that kind of hunting that is done with much display and publicity; not visit saloons and places of the same nature except in cases of necessity for any other just cause approved by the Ordinary


  1. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.... =(

  2. WOW also a big help last night I was looking at Marilyn Manson's gun Crucifix and found out today that Manson had a break down on stage Thursday night! See what happens to those who mock the Crucifix!


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