Marco Tosatti LIES! Claims AP PUBLISHED EIGHT PAGE Juan Carlos Cruz Letter To The Pope! WHERE IS THE PUBLISHED LETTER?


Marco Tosatti writes an article on Pope Francis lying and Marco Tosatti lies in the article! What?

My colleague Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press published a letter written to the Pope in 2015 from the victims of Barros. Marco Tosatti 

Really? Either I'm an idiot and can not locate the EIGHT PAGE LETTER that was written by a Sodomite and addressed to Pope Francis!

Why can't I find the letter!

Here is what the AP actually published:


The Vatican, January 31, 2015

To the Bishops of the Permanent Committee of the Chilean Bishops Council
Santiago, Chile

Dear Brothers,

I received your email of Jan. 23. Many thanks for openly expressing your concerns at this time regarding the appointment of Mons. Juan Barros Madrid. I understand what you are saying and l am aware that the Church in Chile is in a difficult situation due to all the trials it has had to undergo. l am sending not only my brotherly understanding and my brotherly closeness, but also my prayers.

I well remember your visit in February of last year and all the different proposals, which I thought were prudent and constructive.

However, a serious problem came up at the end of the year. The Nuncio asked Mons. Barros to resign and encouraged him to take a sabbatical, (for perhaps a year), before assuming any other responsibilities as a Bishop. And he told him the same course of action would be taken with Bishops of Talca and Linares, but that nothing should be said to them. Mons. Barros wrote a resignation letter in which he mentioned the Nuncio?s comment.

As you can comprehend, the Nuncio?s comment complicated and blocked any eventual path to offering a year?s sabbatical. We spoke about this issue with Cardinal Ouellet and I know he talked about it with the Nuncio.

At this time, on express orders from the Congregation of Bishops, Mons. Barros is performing a month of spiritual retreat in Spain. I do not know if he will stop by Rome when he is finished, but I will advise Cardinal Ouellet about this and your suggestions.

I thank you once again for your openness and frankness in expressing your views: that is the only way to work for the Church, whose care the Lord has entrusted to the Bishops. I ask you to pray for me, because I need it.

May the blessings of Jesus and the Holy Virgin be with you,



Where is the PUBLISHED Juan Carlos Cruz Letter to Pope Francis?


Oh look! is that the letter on his tablet?

Gee! shouldn't be too hard to put on-line......


  1. I read the comments on that post - who is Fr. RP? His comment was nuts - he thinks Sodanno is possessed.

    1. Fr. RP (or, to expand the initials, "Ridiculous Poseur") is an alleged priest who is a moderator on One Millimeter Peter (aka One Peter Five). He is known for his vituperative outbursts and nutty allegations, and for his arbitrary fits of banning everyone (including One Peter Five regulars) who disagree with him. I once made a comment on 1P5 that got 4 upvotes from regular posters, and yet the man expunged it and banned me. I wish him a holy and blessed Lent.

  2. Is that 8 page letter published? Am I missing it somehow?


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