Married Rad Trad Priest Rev. Luke Reese Of Holy Rosary Parish Arrested For Beating & Kidnapping His Wife On The Feast of Our Lady of Ransom!!

Another reason why there should be no married priests...

This is messed up


On the evening of Sunday, Sept. 24, Reese, wearing clerical garb, confronted his wife while she was in the backseat of a car with another man, Jay Stanley. According to the affidavit, Stanley was engaged in a romantic relationship with the wife. 

Reese angrily demanded that his wife come with him. She instead got into her own car and agreed to drive to a specific location with Reese so they could get out and talk, according to the affidavit, written by Indianapolis Police Detective Erroll Malone.

Before leaving with his wife, Reese opened the door to Stanley’s car and kicked him in the face. Stanley said Monday he’s not sure why he didn’t call police after he was assaulted and the wife went away with her angry and violent husband.

“I don’t know why. I think that I just didn’t,” Stanley said. “I didn’t think any of that other stuff would happen.”

Once the couple reached the location in their separate cars, the wife got into Reese’s car so they could talk, according to the affidavit. That’s when Reese locked the car so she could not get out, and began to drive. During the drive, Reese repeatedly assaulted his wife with “backhands” while demanding the password for her cell phone.

Reese drove to Holy Rosary church and forced his wife inside the building, according to the affidavit. He brought her to the altar, and forced her to kneel. Before the altar, he assaulted her, hitting her in the face, pulling her hair, putting his hands around her neck, and continuing to demand her password, according to the affidavit.

“(He) stated he could choke her,” the affidavit reads.

On their way out of Holy Rosary, Reese threw his wife into a wall, and then brought her back out to the car, Malone writes. There, Reese allegedly slammed his wife’s head into the car’s door frame. The wife then relented, and gave up her password. Reese started reading her texts to and from Stanley, continuing to interrogate and backhand her as he drove, according to the affidavit.

Reese drove his wife out of Indianapolis, and its “temptations,” to Auburn. He wanted his wife to explain to her 90-year-old grandmother about her relationship with Stanley, according to the affidavit.

Family members told police the wife was crying when she arrived at the house in Auburn, and her face was swollen and bruised. The wife told her grandmother she had been talking to another man.

“What in the world happened to your mouth and eye?” the grandmother asked.

“I hit her, that’s what’s wrong with her,” Reese reportedly responded.

“A priest, and you beat her?” the grandmother said.

“I could have killed her,” Reese reportedly responded.

“Well, you didn’t kill her. So do you feel like a hero now?” the grandmother asked.

That’s when Reese forced his wife back into the car and began driving home. At one point, they stopped for gas, but Reese locked and alarmed the car to keep his wife inside during the stop, according to the affidavit.

They drove back to their home, when Reese forced his wife to go to bed. A short time later, after reading texts on her phone, Reese came back into the bedroom and tore her clothes off her. He then went into her closet and began tearing up her clothes that he deemed “too slutty,” according to the affidavit.

He left her for a short time, while he reportedly downloaded the text messages between his wife and Stanley onto his computer, and she got dressed. He then came back into the bedroom, and again tore off her clothes, sexually assaulted her, and took nude photos of her that he threatened to use to shame her to people in the parish community, according to the affidavit.

“(Reese) then ordered her to lay down and he then had intercourse with her,” Malone writes. “(She) stated she did not wish to have intercourse. However, she did not say no.”

These incidents started the night of Sunday Sept. 24 and continued into Monday, Sept. 25, in what Panszi described as an 18-hour ordeal. Source


  1. Sounds like your run-of-the-mill alt-right sicko...

  2. This is further evidence of the rotten fruit of Anglicans entering the Catholic Church through the generosity of Pope Benedict XVI and then creating havoc as Anglicans have done to Catholics over the years.

    Other examples (who have not beaten their wives yet, but I won't be surprised)

    1. Americanist gun nut and soft "trad" Dwight Longenecker, well known for his bloviations on Patheos. (His blog's name is "Standing On My Head", which is a fine image for the inversion of natural Church order that these Anglican clowns bring in.)
    2. "Polite" Rad Mad Trad Richard Cipolla, a regular contributor to the infamous Rorate Caeli [del]scandal sheet[del] blog.
    3. William Oddie, British nationalist and BNP supporter whose months of Francis-bashing have probably sent him to his sick-bed.

    Just as Muslim immigrants screw up Western society by refusing to assimilate, Mad Rad Protestant converts screw up Catholicism by bringing their dissenting, schismatic, nationalist and violent attitudes into the Church.


    May be of interest to you - white nationalist sedevacantist lawyer defends alt right "godless heathens."

    1. You can't make this stuff up... =)

      That said, I am not surprised. Most traditionalists who are in bed with the "alt-right" are also foam-at-the-mouth Jewish conspiracy theorists (examples: E. Michael Jones, S. Armaticus, Dave Domet, Kaesekopf of Suscipe Domine Forums). Many of them, for the same twisted reason, are also pro-Islam (Joseph Shaw is the most notorious example.)

  4. When I first saw the article I actually thought it was Fr. L since his parish is OL of the Rosary too.


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