Rad Trad Layman Louie Prays For Heretic Billy Graham Who Died Outside The One True Church! What?

Famous American “evangelist” Billy Graham has died. Let us pray for him, confident that Our Lord will render perfect justice unto this man who enriched himself by preaching a false gospel; one that encouraged countless souls to die as he did without the aid of the sacraments, outside the one true Church of Christ. Source


Why does layman Louie pray for someone who he calls a heretic and dies outside the one true Church of Christ?

Why waste your time?

Oh...I see we are suppose to believe that layman Louie is somehow charitable......he prays for those he sends to hell...

Then Louie says this:

I would be delighted to see Billy Graham “canonized,” not because I delight in seeing God mocked, but because such would presumably awaken some of those who are pleased to call John Paul II “saint,” opening their eyes to the true extent of the present crisis. Source

Of course the whole piece is directed at the Churchmen whom Louie despises. 

Layman Louie's compliant is that some have been declared Saints that Layman Louie does not approve of.

Again. you're a layman you can do nothing. You're not allowed. You have no authority in the Church.

Practice your faith. 

It doesn't matter what the Pope does or doesn't do.

It doesn't matter what the Bishop does or doesn't do.

It doesn't matter what the Priest does or doesn't do.

Can you imagine Layman Louie living during the reign of the Antichrist! LOL!

Look, during the reign of the Anti-Christ there will be a faithful few who will practice the Catholic faith regardless of what the Anti-Christ does or doesn't do. These faithful few will hide themselves in caves in order to escape the persecution of the Anti-Christ. These faithful few will practice their Catholic faith until the time comes for them to be put to death by the Anti-Christ. Complaining about the Anti-Christ and his wicked policies will not help these faithful few. They will not waste their time. 

Follow the example of these faithful few who will have to live during the reign of the Anti-Christ.

Oh and I will not pray for Billy Graham because I'm not an idiot.


  1. Louie V. - the poor man's Dave Domet. He and relevance parted ways 5 years ago. The irony is that he is pretty much as outside the Church as Billy is.


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