Rad Trad Michael Matt's Insane Love For MUSLIM Syrian President Assad....Video Shows Matt Insane Drooling...

Matt made this Assad praise piece video on Saturday 17 February.

Matt has gone insane - please watch Matt's video for yourself and understand that Syrian President Assad is a MUSLIM who just murdered 500 of his citizens this week....with the help of the Russians...

He's "Gassing His Own People!" (Yeah, Right!) Insane Michael Matt


No. Matt its not Gas this time - its BOMBS - 500 dead just days after you posted your drooling praise piece of a MUSLIM head of State!

Matt you're a damn embarrassment to those who attend Latin Mass.

Please move to Russia or Syria you demented Moron.....

I think its reasonable to ask if Putin is funding Matt's operation.

Or if Assad is funding Matt's operation.

Or maybe both....

Toll reaches 500 in relentless bombing near Syrian capital 

BEIRUT — A new wave of air strikes and shelling on eastern suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus killed at least 22 people and wounded dozens Saturday, raising the death toll from a week of bombing in the area to 500. The rising toll came as the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution demanding a 30-day cease-fire across Syria “without delay” to deliver humanitarian aid to millions and evacuate the critically ill and wounded. “The U.N. convoys and evacuation teams are ready to go,” said Sweden’s U.N. Ambassador Olof Skoog. The bombardment has overwhelmed rescuers and doctors at makeshift hospitals, many of which have also been shelled. Syrian opposition activists say Russian warplanes are taking part in bombarding Damascus’ eastern suburbs, also known as eastern Ghouta, where many people are hiding in underground shelters with little food and medical supplies amid a tight government siege.  Source

Syria's return to bombing-as-usual is down to Russia 

The first signs from eastern Ghouta are not encouraging. A day after the UN security council finally agreed a ceasefire, it was back to bombing-as-usual for Syria’s regime. It is as though the vote for a truce in the besieged enclave, so long in coming and so contentious, never happened at all. Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president, is primarily culpable. He probably no longer cares what the world thinks. He has no reputation to lose. Perhaps he calculates one final push by his ground forces will finish the rebels, before a ceasefire takes hold. But the larger burden of responsibility lies with Russia. It was Vladimir Putin who rescued Assad in 2015 when he was losing the war. Russia’s president has protected his Syrian poodle from war crimes charges and blocked inquiries into his use of banned chemical weapons. Putin has bathed in the kudos of seeming to supplant the US as the Middle East’s big mover and shaker. When Israel and Iran got into a scrap in Syrian airspace recently, it was Putin, not Donald Trump, who phoned Jerusalem and told Benjamin Netanyahu to knock it off. Source