Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys.......Mundabor

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys......Mundabor


No he didn't.

Again those that sit in the Latin Mass Pews carrying and concealing do not have love for Jesus Christ Crucified.

It is apparent that one can not hold a gun in one hand and a Crucifix in the other.

Its either or.

Many Latin Mass Trads would rather drop a Crucifix in order to hang on to their gun.

It will only get worse.

I do know that these gun lovers will bear all the sway until the day comes when one of these Latin Mass Pews sitters gets startled during Mass and decides to show his gun prompting others to pull out their guns aim and fire thus starting  a gun battle in the pews killing many...wounding many more.

I would not be surprised if this gun battle in the Pews takes place during one of Fr. Z's Masses

Here read the latest from Gun fanatic Mundabor:
  • Still, it is clear from reading the Gospel that not only Jesus surrounded himself with “Second Amendment Guys”, but that he took care to have (if not all) several of them armed at any given time.
  • The reality of the life of the Apostles was one of every day carry. There is no way to ever deny it. Similarly, it is obvious to the most retarded enemy of freedom that all this concealed carrying happened with the knowledge and by the instruction of Our Lord.
  • Jesus and the Apostles were obviously in favour of carrying, and it is difficult to think that this carrying was not, on several occasions, open carrying as the Apostles needed to show potential aggressors that they would not hesitate in taking the life of any of them. Source
And then there's this from the gun fanatic who tries to justified packing a piece during Mass:
  • not only do not understand anything of freedom, are unable to see the God-given right to self defence so obviously described in the Gospel. 
Tell me where in the Passion did Jesus strike out and use self defense against His tormentors and torturers?


If we are to follow in the footsteps of Christ then please show me those very footsteps where Jesus struck out in SELF DEFENSE...

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys....

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys.......

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys.......

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys.......

Jesus Surrounded Himself With Second Amendment Guys.......


The ones with the weapons are the ones who came to arrest Jesus.......

Maybe that's lost on the demented gun nuts who take up space in the Latin Mass Pews.


  1. Mundabor truly deserves the title of "Moron" that I bestowed on him long ago. Hey Moron Mundabor, let's spell this out in simple terms:

    The Apostles couldn't be "Second Amendment Types" because there was NO HERETICAL AMERICAN CONSTITUTION in 30 A.D.!

    The Apostles couldn't be "Second Amendment Types" because there were NO GUNS in 30 A.D.!

    When Peter (the future First Pope) exercised his "Second Amendment Rights" on a slave called Malchus, Jesus EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM TO CUT IT OUT (pun unintended) and healed the recipient of Peter's "Second Amendment Practices"!

    The early Christian martyrs (St. Polycarp, St. Ignatius of Antioch, etc.) were NOT SECOND AMENDMENT TYPES! They faced martyrdom like true men, not like the overeating buffon Fr. Z!

    Unfortunately, guns have become an idol and a snare for many mad rad trads (like the bronze serpent in the Old Testament), and for some like Mundabor and Barnhardt, they literally take the place of pornography.

    Come Judgment Day...
    "Lord, Lord, did we not buy guns for you? Did we not exercise our second amendment rights for you?"
    "I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who work evil."


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