Rad Trad Leader Michael Matt SAYS THAT'S BOLLOCKS! While U.S., France And Germany Join Britain In Saying Russia Likely Responsible For Military Grade Chemical Attack Against Former Spy



Michael Matt's timing is way off. 

Michael Matt is a shill for Putin and Assad.

Michael Matt says that Putin and Assad would never use Military Grade Chemicals on citizens...

This is the latest on Putin using Military Grade Chemicals on citizens

U.S., France and Germany join Britain in saying Russia likely responsible for chemical attack against former spy

LONDON — The United States and two major European allies on Thursday formally backed Britain’s claims that Russia likely was responsible for a chemical toxin attack against a former spy living in England, calling it the “first offensive use of a nerve agent” in Europe since World War II. The joint statement from the leaders of France, Germany, the United States and Britain signaled a further ratcheting of international pressure on Russia that has been mounting since former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were found comatose on March 4 Source

Putin is responsible for the Chemical attack



Michael Matt is an idiot.


  1. A lot of Mad Trads have an inexplicable attraction to Islam - Matt, Joseph Shaw and E. Michael Jones come to mind.
    Some "lite-Trad" Charismatic nuts, such as Mark Mallett, also do.
    I think it's a combination of "anything is better than the JOOS!" and "hey, they wear burqas, and I like fantasizing about women in veils" that does the trick.
    It doesn't make it any less stupid.


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