I Guess Raving Mad Rad Trad Prophet Dave Domet Won't Be Praying The Rosary For The UK Today! "God Damn England!" "God Damn My Queen!"

I'm pretty sure Dave's WRATH is not from the Holy Ghost:

Here is the ravings of a General in the Army Of Alfie Evans:

Damn England!

God dam the Royal Family, a corrupt, heretical mob of sons of bitches and whores and bastards if there ever any and it begins with Elizabeth Regina, a cowardly pretender.

Damn my Queen!

Where is our Magna Carta?

There is a stench from England. From the rotten Queen to the rotten, silent Prime Minister and Home Secretary. To the filthy bastards at the hospital and in the constabulary. What is worse is the obvious display of cowardice on the part of the men of England. Feminised, sissy Englishmen. Shame on you that you stand by whilst your corrupt fascist government murders this baby.

They will all go to Hell.

When Charlie dies, as a baptised Catholic child, his pure soul will be instantly with God. He will be a Saint. The others, will rot in the pit of Hell. Source



Hey what's the definition of BASTARD?

Bastard:  a person born of parents not married to each other.

Thomas Evans & Kate James - Parents of Alfie Evans 

I wonder if Mad Dave would call Alfie a Bastard?

I wonder if Mad Dave would allow the UNMARRIED Parents of Alfie Evans to recieve Communion at Dave's Latin Mass Chapel?