Ann Barnhardt's Death To Pope Francis Prophecy: Pope Benedict Might Soon Again Be Recognized As POPE!

Hey! the only way that Pope Benedict will be Pope again will be if Pope Francis DIES!

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the worst pope ever, that his sovereignty might soon again be recognized, and that he repent of his sins born from profound, substantial error. And to any who might say, “I don’t want him back! He’s a coward and a quitter!” My dear, the ontological reality of Pope Benedict’s occupying the Petrine See has exactly JACK to do with what you WANT. He is Peter. Weak, cowardly, an abandoner, totally messed up in terms of ecclesiology. (Sound familiar? Read the Passion narratives or Galatians 2 lately?) You don’t want him back? Ok. Bishop Williamson awaits your fealty. Source

Is Rad Trad Ann planing some attack on Pope Francis?

Maybe Ann knows something we don't......


  1. To watch Ann and her fellow "Bene-vacantists" writhe and squirm as they draw closer to the pit of Hell is entertaining in a cruel sort of way. It's like taking a fish out of water and watching it die, except that in Ann's case, she's the fish, and she has chosen spiritual suicide voluntarily.

    Don't be fooled by her protestations of traditionalism: Ann stands for usury, immodest dress, filthy language, blasphemy (read her nonsense about Our Blessed Mother's "broken heart syndrome" being healed by the power of SCIENCE!!) and hypocrisy (she's ready to call out Meghan Markle, but not the Trumps).

    What she deserves is not another St. Pius X, but another John XII.


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