Pope Francis The Push Over? Canada DEMANDS That Pope Francis APOLOGIZE On Canadian SOIL For Church School Crimes

Canada can first apologize to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church for the millions of Abortions perform on Canadian Soil.

I smell DOOM for Canada.....

Canadian House passes motion calling on Pope Francis to issue apology

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — In a rare show of unanimity, the House of Commons overwhelmingly supported a motion to call on Pope Francis to apologize on Canadian soil for abuses that occurred at church-run residential schools. What happens next, however, remains unclear. The motion is not binding. The motion received all-party support in a May 1 vote, 269-10. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau already invited Pope Francis to Canada to issue a papal apology as called for in the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. Pope Francis has also received invitations from individual bishops. Source

Count down begins for the first murder of a Catholic Priest on Canadian SOIL..