Ann Barnhardt Spreading Her Heretical Doctrine On Conspiracy Website GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS! Why Do You Not Yet Understand That The Men Of Rome Are Not The Church?

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Ann Barnhardt, Why do you not yet understand that the Men of Rome are not The Church? [link to (secure)] Ann Barnhardt insists that the Roman Catholic Church and all its Traditions are the One True Church and Faith yet her every single blog post demonstrates more thoroughly than anyone else how this is simply and obviously not true and why I need the Men of Rome for absolutely nothing for Faith in Jesus Christ.

Other crazy comments:

bergogliothepedo: Pope Francis is not an antipope, he is the confirmed Pope of Rome. What he is, however, as every other Pope of Rome has been, is the Antichrist.

jake: you don't need church to be a child of God.   My temple is a temple built without hands!   No ye not you are but lively little stones built up a spiritual temple unto God!    YOU ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD! 

There's bizarre videos as well....

Ann is getting the paranoid crazies to hate Pope Francis....

Will see if this thread gets any traction....


  1. Once a Protestant, always a Protestant. C.f. Ann, Hilary, Z, Douthat, Shea, Williamson, etc


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