Proof That Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished: Islamic Terrorist Benjamin Herman To Be Given Funeral In Catholic Church

Another example that unworthily reception of communion is punished - usually with death.

This Catholic converted to Islam and murdered three people - he was shot dead by police

How many Sacrilegious Communions did this man commit?

Herman's Sacrilegious Communions lead him out of the Church to embrace Islam and a life of murder.

On May 29, the man killed three people in the centre of Liège. The Church of On, in Marche-En-Famenne: this is where the funeral of Benjamin Herman, the killer of three people in the attack on Liege, will take place, according to L'Avenir. he assailant's body, killed by the police shortly after committing these crimes, will be buried in the village cemetery. The priest of the village of On, François Barbieux, spoke about the approach of the family of the one who is radicalized in prison: "The family is quite aware of the unacceptable nature of the acts, but it must mourn 'a son, a uncle, a grandson, who died tragically, in the acts he did before he died and in the way he died. " The police will be present en masse to provide security at the funeral. Source 

Again Judas was not hindered from receiving the Body of Christ - a few hours after his Sacrilegious Communion he was dead.

No need to get bent out of shape if non-Catholics or Catholics in a irregular marriage receive the body of Christ - These poor souls will eventually be punished for their Sacrilege.