Proof That Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished: Catholic Bishop Defending Islam Says Funeral Mass For Two Catholic Policewomen Murdered By Catholic Who Converted To Islam

Another example that unworthily reception of communion is punished - usually with death.

A few things going on here
  • Catholic who converts to Islam then commits terrorism
  • Two Catholic Police Officers
  • Catholic Bishop defending Islam

Belgium: funeral service in Liege for the two killed policewomen. Mgr. Delville (Bishop), “don’t let yourselves be drowned by fear and hatred, be makers of the peace”

“Don’t let yourselves be drowned by feelings of fear and hatred, of resignation, be makers of the peace”. This was said this morning by monsignor Jean-Pierre Delville, Bishop of Liege, in greeting the relatives, colleagues and the political and civilian authorities of Belgium who attended the funeral service for Lucile Garcia and Soraya Belkacemi, the two policewomen killed by a man last Tuesday. The Bishop thanked the many policemen in attendance for the courage they showed last week in their attempt to keep the city safe. He also sent a special thought to Mrs Darifa Imankaf, a Muslim and a clerk at the Municipality of Liege, who “managed to restrain the terrorist for a long while, thus preventing him committing an ever greater massacre”. Today, the task that all the community of Liege is charged with – mgr. Delville said – is to “oppose to any further development of hatred” and to get out of this tragedy “more mature inside and even more motivated to build tomorrow’s society in friendship”.
Lucile Garcia and Soraya Belkacemi were Christian and best friends. Today’s Christians’ mission – the Bishop pointed out in his sermon – is “building connections among people and steering clear of confusion. We know that, if Islam has been invoked as the reason to kill, it is because it has been manipulated and held hostage by terrorists and violent people. So, we must help Islam get rid of such manipulative and perverted interpretations, by promoting dialogue and friendship all the time”. “Of course, sometimes we feel overwhelmed or powerless”. But “God fills the gaps of our love and pushes us further than we think we can go”. Source

What a mess all around.

One Catholic who unworthily receives the Blessed Sacrament and is punished by leaving the Church and converting to Islam to commit terrorist attack.

Two Catholic policewomen who also unworthily received the Blessed Sacrament and were punished for it with their untimely deaths.

And a foolish Bishop who defends Islam and most likely is giving Communion to Muslims and other non-Catholics.

This Bishop will be punished soon enough.

So this is three examples of those who are punished for bad reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

Again Judas was not hindered from receiving the Body of Christ - a few hours after his Sacrilegious Communion he was dead.

No need to get bent out of shape if non-Catholics or Catholics in a irregular marriage receive the body of Christ - These poor souls will eventually be punished for their Sacrilege.