Rad Trad Ann Barnhardt Hunting Down Catholic Priests........

I've always said that it will be Rad Trads who will murder the Fatima Pope and Faithful.

Here is further proof from convert Ann Barnhardt that Rad Trads are headed that way......

"There are literally THOUSANDS of men, both clerics and laymen, who have been propositioned for sodomy, or sodomitically assaulted by priests, bishops and cardinals. I daresay that most men, lay and cleric, who have been sent to Rome to study or work have a story to tell. Rome, being the festering cesspit of faggotry that it has been for decades and now, as Edward Pentin has reported, is now the worst it has been in living memory, precisely because of the Bergoglian Antipapacy, and the fact that the faggots are in power and feel they are legally untouchable.

I think it is high time that these filthy faggots be disabused of their misperception.

Anyone out there reading this ever been propositioned for sodomy or sodomitically assaulted by a priest, bishop or cardinal – not just in Rome, but anywhere in the world?

I know there are.

Why not speak up? Why not start naming names? Just as with the Weinstein and Spacey victims, the fact that no one spoke up only enabled the assault and rape of all of the subsequent victims to happen. If you are one of the men who has been propositioned or assaulted by one of these filthy, disgusting faggots that are poisoning and destroying the Church, are you cool with the idea of ONE MORE KID, ONE MORE SEMINARIAN, ONE MORE GOOD PRIEST being propositioned for acts so disgusting, so vile that they cry out to heaven for God’s vengeance? Are you comfortable to let the sacrilege continue? Are you content to let another class of seminarians or young priests be scandalized at best, and assaulted or raped at worst?

Look, do you honestly think that you are THE ONLY MAN that filthy cleric or prelate ever did that to? Don’t you think that this is a pathological behavior? Don’t you think that grooming and maneuvering to get lads and men in the position to be propositioned or assaulted is a highly planned, practiced and repeated activity? Don’t kid yourself – the reason that priest or bishop propositioned or assaulted you isn’t because you are so incredibly physically desirable. He did it because you woke up breathing with a penis. Period. You were an object – a piece of meat. Nothing more.

Gentlemen and Fathers, it is time to speak up and expose these filthy, soul-killing, God-hating, sacrilegious sex pervert wretches." Source