WALSH: What Really Lies At The Root Of Our Culture's Suicide Epidemic? Answer: Punishment For Sacrilegious Communion

Matt Walsh wants to know the answer for all the recent celebrity Suicides - if the suicide is Catholic then it is punishment for Sacrilegious Communion. Most Catholics receive communion in a state of mortal sin.

And there is a bizarre effort by the churchmen to make many as possible to commit Sacrilegious Communions. 

These men are sick. These churchmen desire that non-Catholics commit Sacrilegious Communions as well.

You will be punished by God if you make an unworthy reception of communion.

The men in the Vatican want you to believe that God does not punish Sacrilegious Communions. 

Matt Walsh does not make the same connection as I do - but he is getting close:

WALSH: What Really Lies At The Root Of Our Culture's Suicide Epidemic  

Anthony Bourdain killed himself today. Fashion designer Kate Spade committed suicide earlier in the week. That's two prominent suicides in the span of just a few days. And they are far from alone, sadly. Suicide is a veritable epidemic across the nation. Suicide rates are on the rise in almost every state. In some areas, they have risen by 30% or more. This is not normal. Something is happening. But what? And why?

People will say that suicide is on the rise because we are not doing enough to fight the "mental health crisis," but this can't be the cause. We have never been more aware of, or more proactive against, mental health issues, yet the suicide rate only continues to climb. The rate was a fraction of what it is today back when nobody had ever even heard of "mental health." The purely psychological explanations just don't hold up. Clearly there is a deeper problem here. Source

With the push for Inter-Communion expect more deaths.