Rad Trad One Peter Five Advocates Disassociating From Notorious Public Sinners & Heretics.....But Its OK To Appear In Public With APOSTATE Salvini!

Cardinal Burke & Notorious Public Sinner Matteo Salvini...

Rad Trad Hilary White likes Notorious Public Sinner Salvini:

Hilary White: So it's important to understand what the new government is up against when a guy like Salvini talks about the evils of "cattocommunismo" Source

Rad Trad doctrine on shunning others:

Dialogue or Disassociation: What to Do with Heretics and Public Sinners in the Church 

In today’s Church, the charge of “Pharisee” will immediately be applied to those who take the approach I advocate here. To the modern mind, no crime is greater than intolerance of “alternative lifestyles” or unorthodox beliefs. And it’s true that there are dangers to avoid when it comes to disassociating with the heretic or notorious sinner. One can easily become self-righteous and see almost everyone as “unclean” and unworthy of association. But what I’m advocating (and what I think both St. John and St. Paul advocated) applies specifically to notorious and public heretics and sinners. It’s applicable to Fr. Martin, but not necessarily to your Catholic friend Jim who knows less about Catholicism than the average CNN anchor. It includes Nancy Pelosi, but not Aunt Nancy who was never taught about transubstantiation. Source

What the Rad Trad really means is to shun all Liberal Lefty Heretical Public Sinners.

But Its OK for Rad Trads to hang around Heretical Right Wing Conservatives...

The only difference is political affiliation.

Left is Bad

Right is Good