St Boniface: Horse Eating Remained A Barrier To Conversion.......

Ann & Super Nerd Eating Horse Meat! 
(Looks Like Super Nerd Is Having Some Doubts.....)

Horse eating remained a barrier to conversion Boniface to Pope Zachary I

Ann Barhardt converted so now she thinks she can safely eat Horse Flesh.....

Well, the jig is up for me. I’ve been discovered. I savvy reader sent in an email declaring that I have exposed myself as the center of a massive conspiracy to… I’m not exactly sure – oppress the white man? advance the NewWorldOrder? Hell, who are we kidding here? We all know that at the end of the day, it’s all about Da JOOOOOOZ, right? So, I ate a horse steak, and it was darn good, and stated that it is an absolute travesty that horse slaughter is illegal in the U.S., and that horse slaughter should be legalized and re-commenced in the U.S., and thus it is now obvious to anyone willing to “see da troof” that I am at the center of a swirling nexus of evil involving the ENTIRE North American Cattle Industry (Hi, Guys!) and the Bureau of Land Management to… do something to someone involving the horsemeat trade, or something. I can’t even really follow what the argument is. But it’s BAAAAAD! But, the good news is, I now get double portions of horse the next time I have an opportunity to eat it, because I CLAIM the correspondent’s allotment in perpetuity. HA! And y’all know I’m all about seconds! Source