Confirmed Bachelorette Ann Barnhardt Claims That There Is A Hotbed Of Homosexual Liturgical Fetishists Found In FSSP Parishes...What?

The women among the heretics in times past were so shameless, & malapert, that they took upon them to dispute, and to reason of matters of religion: & they helped foreward the Heresy, by teaching, preaching, prating, wrangling, jangling, prophesying, and by all means possible. And do not, I pray you, the women amongst the Protestants the like, following therein their father Luther's advise, who licensed them to do such things, & namely to Preach? A Catholic Priest in the year of our Lord 1600.

From a while back Ann tells you how to tell if you are EFFEMINATE:

One of the arguments you will hear effeminates make, desperately trying to avoid acknowledging the reality of the Bergoglian Antipapacy qua Antipapacy, is that Bergoglio is the Pope because he is “peacefully and universally accepted” as such by The Church. Ann Barnhardt

Yeah...that's right! If you accept Pope Francis as the Pope then you are effeminate.....

So keep that in mind when reading Ann's next post on detecting Homos at the Latin Mass.

We all know that Ann does not attend SSPX Masses

We all know that Ann refuses to step foot in a SSPX Chapel

Ann like most blogging Trads attend FSSP Masses - its safer?

So when Ann claims that Traddy Land is infested with Sodomites Ann is basing her opinion solely on her observation at FSSP parishes. How can she possibly know that there are Sodomites at a SPPX chapel if she never sets foot in a SSPX chapel?

How does Ann spot a Sodomite at the FSSP Latin Mass?

Here is a Sodomite check off list that she brings to the FSSP Latin Mass to help her ferret out Sodomites:
  1. Contempt for genuine Catholic piety, especially simple piety 
  2. Contempt for the Rosary
  3. Contempt for rank-and-file Trads as “stupid”
  4. Contempt for Trads because they “don’t understand Catholicism and take it (the actual religion) all way too seriously”, hurling the word “rigorist” as a pejorative (you think I’m kidding on this one – so many people have been told this it is stunning)
  5. Accusing Trads who have a full and proper understanding of the 6th Commandment of being “Jansenists” or “Calvinists”.
  6. Rejection of the notion that the Novus Ordo must be abolished – because the idea that the waiter or janitor or blue-collar rabble have and know the same Mass as the “elite” is repellant, and defeats the entire purpose of their liturgical fetish
  7. Hyper-criticality, haughtily luxuriating in running down everything – music, ceremonies, vestments, flowers, architecture, regardless of the financial or personnel resources of the parish. Every Mass is “yet another abomination”, the choir is “grotesque”, the servers are “retarded”, vestments are “rags”. Often, the objectively better the liturgy is, the more vicious the criticism will become, because the liturgical fetishist derives intense narcissistic satisfaction from criticizing things that are actually very good – thus proving how vastly superior they believe themselves to be
  8. Irreverence, impiousness and even “camp” behavior in the sacristy and even in the sanctuary – using extreme profanity, sometimes mere feet from the Blessed Sacrament
  9. Resenting being asked to help do anything, always acting put-upon and put-out
  10. Resenting NOT being asked to help do anything
  11. Never saying “please or “thank you” to anyone – general rudeness
  12. Effete, queeny comportment – screeching, hooting, feminine raging and fit-throwing Source
I suppose if a man were accused by Ann of being a Sodomite having some Liturgical Fetish all he has to do is to eat Horse Flesh and that would prove that he is not a Sodomite.

Because we all know that manfully virile men eat Horse Flesh...


  1. Well she is not effeminate or feminine so methinks the lady doth protest too much...and..people in glas houses should not throw stones...miss barnhardt has alot of masculine energy..just sayin!


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