CULT OF VIGANO: During Angelus A Witch Cries Out “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!” “VI-GA-NO!”

The lot of you sided with a SCOUNDREL.


You can hear the witch it at: 8:27, 9:01, 11:08, and 12:20

I bet you anything that the witch that was crying out VI-GA-NO! is a really nasty piece of work....



  1. A witch? How about AB or her pal HW?


    1. Actually that's why I said witch....could be AB or HW


  2. Another priest for your list of "cesspools": Richard Cipolla, a married (Anglican convert) priest who writes for Rorate Caeli.

    Let us see what Fr. Cipolla said just a little while ago: "A remembrance in a religious setting of a special man, an imperfect man who understood both virility and love and acted out both of those virtues as best he could."

    And who was he talking about?

    John McCain.

    Yes, "divorce my first wife" John McCain, "I raised a pro-gay feminist shill" John McCain, "flip-flop-flip-flop" John McCain.

    If he represents "virility" and "love", then I'm afraid Fr. Cipolla has no idea what those virtues really mean.

    Folks like this are why we get Francis and Amoris Laetitia. Sick.


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