How Many GUNS Was Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Hiding Under His Vestments While Saying Mass Up On The Altar Celebrating The Feast Of Martyred St Matthew? LOL!

How Many Guns Was Fr Z Hiding Under His Vestments While Saying Mass
On The Feast Of St Matthew?

St. Matthew KNEW ahead of time that he was going to be martyred on the Altar while saying Mass. St Matthew was given a special grace from God:

King Aeglippus whom S. Matthew had converted to the faith being dead, Hirtacus his successor desiring to marry his daughter Ephigenia, she by the help of S. Matthew, having vowed  virginity to God, and persevering in her holy purpose, he commanded S. Matthew to be killed, as he was celebrating Mass at the altar, on the eleventh of the calends of October. Vita S. Matth. Apostoli in Breviario die 21. Septembr.

And when all had answered Amen, and the mysteries of our Lord were celebrated, and all the Christian assembly had heard Mass, St. Matthew kept himself still by the altar, where the body of Christ was consecrated by him, and expected Martyrdom. For as he was praying with his hands stretched forth, the executioner being sent from King Hyrtacus coming behind him, thrust the Apostle of God through, and made him a Martyr of Christ. Anonymm vitas, miracula & pasionis pas.S.Matth.Apost.cap.6.

St. Matthew did not have weapons hiding under his vestments to pull out in a moments notice to defend himself and to slay his attacker if he was attacked on the altar while saying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

St Matthew didn't have his head on a swivel 

St. Matthew didn't own a BUG OUT BAG

St. Matthew didn't have weapons hiding behind the Altar or in a flower pot near by in the Church.

St. Matthew didn't command the faithful to carry weapons during his Masses. 

St. Matthew didn't spend hours practicing how to use the latest weaponry.

St. Matthew accepted God's Will for him.

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf  is the exact OPPOSITE of St Matthew.

Maybe that's why Fr. John Zuhlsdorf  never even mentions or honors the Feast of St Matthew on his blog - because Fr. John Zuhlsdorf knows he is no St. Matthew.


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