LOL! RAD TRADS Call For Greater LAY Role In Choosing Bishops But Then Complain When Vatican Allows Beijing To Name Bishops! WHAT?

OK its VERY clear that attendance at Latin Mass does not prevent imbecility. If you have been paying attention to the RAD TRAD hysteria over the last two months you would have noticed that RAD TRADS came up with the brilliant solution to stop Priests from breaking their vows of celibacy by allowing the demented Ann Barnhardts of the RAD TRAD movement to pick Bishops.

Yes that's right the fickle Laity apparently  have better judgement then the Clergy.

So we get bombarded on the Blogosphere with RAD TRAD demands that the LAITY gets a say in who can be a Bishop or not. 

8 AUGUST 2018

Greater lay role needed in choosing bishops?

McCarrick case raises question of whether laity should have more say in the selection of bishops Russell Shaw OSV Newsweekly In 1859 Father — later Cardinal — John Henry Newman published a long essay, which he called “On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine.” Although controversial when it first appeared, it is still mined today for its insights. Now, however, the Church may need a different study, with a title like “On Consulting the Faithful on the Selection and Promotion of Bishops.” And the scandal surrounding Archbishop Theodore McCarrick suggests it can’t come too soon. Following the accusations against McCarrick of sexual misconduct with boys and young men, including seminarians and priests, Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the College of Cardinals and removed him from ministry pending a Church trial. Many welcome this but believe it isn’t enough. Beyond digging out the facts of this scandal, reforms are needed to reduce the chances of something like it happening again and to rebuild trust in the hierarchy. Necessary as that is, others say, the reforms should include major changes in the way men become bishops and are promoted within the ranks of the hierarchy. One such change would be to give laypeople a much larger role in the vetting process than they have now. Source

Just a month later the same RAD TRADS are UPSET that the Vatican will allow the Laity in China to pick BISHOPS! 


That's right - the RAD TRAD LAITY is pissed that Vatican has allowed the LAITY in China to do what the RAD TRAD LAITY wants to do! and that's having the ability to name Bishops!

Again - its VERY clear that attendance at Latin Mass does not prevent imbecility.

Here's the latest RAD TRAD complaint......

Vatican to Allow Beijing to Name Bishops

It is never a good idea to sign a deal just for the sake of signing a deal  The Vatican is set to sign an agreement with China by the end of the month, one that cedes control over the appointment of bishops to Beijing. In return, we are told, Beijing has agreed to recognize the pope as the head of China’s Catholics.  From my position as a long-time observer of the machinations of the Chinese Party-State, this seems like a bad deal. The pope is ceding his very real authority to name bishops to China’s Communist authorities in return for the promise of symbolic recognition as the titular head of all Catholics in China.  Might he not be giving up something for nothing?  The Vatican originally proposed that China follow the terms of an agreement it had reached with the Vietnamese government over the appointment of bishops.  Under its terms, the Vatican and the Vietnamese authorities, working together, draw up a list of potential candidates.  The Vatican then chooses someone from the list who, once Hanoi ratifies the choice, is consecrated as a bishop by the pope. Such a model clearly preserves papal authority.  Source

Do you Latin Mass pew sitters really want to choose your Bishops?