RAD TRADS Influenced By Ann Barnhardt & Gary Voris Spray Paint “NO FAGS” At The Offices Of Fr. James Martin

Vandals spray “No Fags” in gay Catholic Church associate’s office

Fr. James Martin alleges pastoral associate has been subjected to multiple incidents of homophobic abuse A Jesuit priest has slammed “relentless homophobia and hatred” in the Catholic Church after a gay pastoral associate in California allegedly had “No Fags” spray painted on his office wall. Fr. James Martin, SJ, a New York Times bestselling author and advocate for greater LGBTQ outreach by the Church, condemned the graffiti in a post on Facebook. “This [is] the result of the relentless homophobia and hatred being peddled in some quarters of the Catholic church today,” Martin wrote, adding that the victim, Aaron, “is a gay man working as a pastoral associate in a parish in California.” The homophobic message was reportedly sprayed on the office wall after the church’s offices were broken into. Martin said it wasn’t the first incident, adding that the associate had been targeted by right-wing and religious media and even had the doors of his church set on fire. He also detailed several instances of alleged harassment and abuse: “Aaron’s tires have been slashed; he has received threatening emails (some 60 over the last two months), including death threats; letters on his car have been left, one saying, ‘Sodomites not welcome in the church.'” Source