Skojec's 1P5 Editor Drew Belsky Says You Can't Go To Both The NEW MASS & The LATIN MASS....

1P5 Editor Drew Belsky

Looks like Star Wars Stevie has declared War on the New Mass - from his editor:

You can’t go to both.

"All my inching and tiptoeing and cogitating and agonizing revealed itself as a grain of sand beside the towering mountain of that simple statement. My friend was right: these two Masses are not the same thing. They don’t express the same reality, they don’t bear the same fruits, and they foster plain opposites in the intellectual and spiritual workings of the faithful. You can’t go to both." Source


Jesus Christ Instituted only three necessary things for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

1. Consecration.
2. Oblation.
3. Communion.

Everything else in the Mass was put there by the Apostles and Popes.

Question for Star Wars Stevie and crew:

Is the Body of Christ really present during the Consecration at the New Mass - Body Blood Soul and Divinity?



What is more necessary?

Listening to Mass


The Faithful and devote receiving of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar?

If all you have is the New Mass then you still must go to Mass and faithfully receive the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Its tough - with all the nonsense that takes place during the New Mass - but it can be done.