Fr. Z's Love Affair With Guns: Rant Against Polish Priests On How To Properly Hold A Firearm....

I have a problem with both of these guys, who don’t seem ever to have held guns in their lives. This should be part of seminary training: you never know when you are going to be asked to bless a new shooting range, after all. And that guy on the right? He’s got it all wrong. He has handled his biretta incorrectly. C’mon, Fathers! The middle “point” goes to the right. And, given the angles of those weapons, that may be the bravest or the dumbest photographer in the world, I can’t decide which. Seriously, hurray for them! If anyone wants a shooting range blessed, I’m your guy.......

[Imagine this part read really fast, like at the end of some commercials: NO ONE – should either open carry or concealed carry without understanding the consequences of that decision. Training – lots of training – is the prudent path before carrying. Instruction about all the legal ramifications is a must. Even then, even after training and instruction, not everyone is cut out for carrying a weapon beyond the confines of one’s castle. And you have to be in control of that weapon all the times and alert within your surroundings. This isn’t a game or a matter of frivolous motives. It’s deadly serious. I have taken concealed carry weapon license classes for multiple states. I have taken defensive hand gun classes. I have been shot numerous times in role-playing scenarios, as a matter of fact. This is sobering stuff, once you get into it. In these classes a lot of time is spent on the law and the consequences of displaying, brandishing, discharging a weapon in a self-defensive or home invasion situation. They impress on you that one you do this, your life changes. Also, they go over very carefully what the “castle doctrine” is a about. They hammer away that you don’t shoot a guy because he is walking out the door with your flat screen TV. A human life is not worth it. Could you shoot him? Yes, and you would legally be within your rights. But it would be just plain wrong to shoot a guy over property like that. A lot of the training focuses on trying de-escalate conflicts so that it is not necessary to defend yourself physically. My experience in taking these classes is that the other people in them leave with their eyes rather widened and with serious expressions. Even if you choose never to carry a weapon, the training is valuable.] Source


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