List Of Rad Trad Lay Worshipers Of ANN BARNHARDT.......

The above list of Rad Trad Bloggers is found on Cognitive Gateway blog.

Here is Cognitive Gateway on Ann Barnhardt:

Catholic Men Purporting to Lead: Please Mind the Maiden A perennial lesson of the ages is that when men of a realm fall into gross dereliction, Our Lord sends holy women to remind them of who they are. Reminder alert!

Real Deal: Portrait of Authentic Resistance and True Leadership

All the hallmarks are present for Miss B:
1. Speaking the truth precedes human respect.
2. Zero financial interest.
3. Open to new and creative means of fighting the fight.
4. No Fear.
5. Men will follow.
6. Illegitimate power structure cannot ignore.
7. Total abandon into the Wounded Hands of Our Savior.



  1. That's a new level of nuttiness for me - never heard of Cognitive Gateway. No wonder Barnhardt has so many followers.

  2. Has Ann done something to you?


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