RAD TRAD Steve Skojec Calls The New Mass Poison And Claims That The Mystical Body Of Christ Has Been Poisoned! What?

Steve Skojec ont he New Mass as Poison:

Do I believe the Novus Ordo was designed to undermine the theology of Catholic worship and the larger faith, and to weaken our resistance to heresy through an inversion of lex orandi, lex credendi? I do. Do I believe it’s sinful to attend it? I do not, but I think it is imprudent for many, if not most people, to do so if they can avoid it. It’s like eating poisoned food, and for those who have no other food, they may not have a choice, but the deleterious effects will still be present. It is important therefore for people to make an effort, wherever possible, to move away from it and toward an untainted and authentically nourishing liturgy. Source

Steve Skojec on the Mystical Body Of Christ Poisoned:

The Mystical Body Of Christ Has Been Poisoned! Source