Barnhardite Dave Domet Curses The Bride Of Christ...Let It All Fall To The Ground

Raging Dave is OUTRAGED!

Looks like the Barnhardites are attacking the Bride of Christ now:

The Church in America and around the world is going to be brought to its knees.   Good.  The fact is, these priests, bishops, cardinals and even the current Pope are criminals. They have engaged in sodomitical rape or they have covered it up. They have stolen money from the people and have worked against true evangelisation.  Let it all fall to the ground. The Church is not found in buildings or a false hierarchy of frauds and satanists. They have betrayed Christ and you and me.  Damn them all. Source

Outraged Dave was influenced by ex-Sodomite Gary 

See the video from ex-Sodomite Gary:

Is ex-Sodomite Gary a  Barnhardite too?


  1. He has every reason to be outraged! As am I. The Church hierarchy around the world - not least that in America - has made the Bride of Christ out to be a laughingstock to the anti-Catholic, liberal world.

    I know you will never ask David anything to his face about how he feels about the whole business, so let me tell you. He feels no joy in exposing the gunk and mess in the Church, and it causes him great pain to think about the whole mess, not to mention write about it.

    I note you have not taken down the calumnious posts about his marriage to his wonderful wife. Enough is enough! Stop this foolishness!


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