Birds Of A Feather Rad Trad Nationalists And Hindu Nationalists: Hindus Beat Up New Mass Saying Priest For Saying An Outdoor New Mass!

More Nationalists beating up Priests.

Reason for this beating?

Same reason that Rad Trad Nationalists would use - New Mass saying priest said an outdoor Mass!

CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: Priest beaten UNCONSCIOUS while leading outdoor service

A gang of “fanatics” set upon the priest and his mainly female congregation of around 80 people, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The attack in the Indian province of Bihar earlier this month is the latest in a series of violent incidents targeting Christians in the north of the country. Pastor Das told ICC the attack took place after his congregation in the town of Tetua had grown from a small group to more than 200 people. He said he had been forced to begin preaching outside under the shade of trees after he was forced out of his rented church by local police. Pastor Das told ICC: “The fanatics didn’t like this open place worship, so they attacked and beat me. “When our believers requested them to give some time to buy a place and build a worship hall, they surrounded us and started beating us. “Two men caught me and began to rain blows on me with their hands. I got hurt in my chest very badly and my arm was injured. Source

Still do not why Rad Trads are so attracted to Nationalism?


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