Congrats To Lying Apostate Rod Dreher & Rad Trads! 45 STATES To PURSUE Catholic Priest Abuse...

Congratulations to lying Apostate Rod Dreher and the Rad Trad Scum that put faith in him:

You now have 45 States pursuing the Catholic Clergy:

Why any of you Rad Trads believed in lying Apostate Rod Dreher is beyond me.

Oh...btw...what was the name of the 50 year old male who told his tale of abuse to  Lying Apostate Rod Dreher ?

What was his name?

His name?

Who is he?


Apostate Rod Dreher made the whole thing up.

And you Rad Trad morons fell for it.

Lets keep a count of all the Priests who will be murdered or imprisoned for crimes that took place well over 40 years ago.

Oh and morons - how much CHURCH money was paid out to these 'victims'?

Oh and how many of these 'victims' are practicing Sodomites?

How many?

To credit Michael Matt and the Remnant Newspaper they finally did catch on to the creep Apostate Rod Dreher.