If Every Wicked Heretic Had His Wicked Female Counterpart.....Who Does Ann Barnhardt Belong To?

Ann Barnhardt Or Calvin's Bitch?

Jerome said that every Heretic has his female companion.
  • Simon Magus had his Helene.
  • Nicolaus his tropes of women.
  • Maricon, his Minion, sent before him to Rome.
  • Montanus, his Prisca & Priscilla.
  • Ptolomeus, his Flora.
  • Apelles, his Philomela.
  • Arius, the Emperor’s sister.
  • Donatus, his rich Sucilla.
  • Elpidus, his Agape.
  • Priscilianus, his Galla.
All prophetesses of like spirit with the prophets, all hands and helpers to divulge their heresies. So in these our later days, every new master had his mistress, and every Preacher his partner, all participant of the same spirit; thus had...
  • Dulcinus his Margaret.
  • Luther his Catherine.
  • Calvin his Ideletta Stordeur de Bure.
  • Beza his Candida.
and every new Doctor, as Carolostadius, Oecolampadius, Bucerus, Martyr, Sanctius (and who not?) every one his sister, and yoakefellow in the spirit of the Lord. (Source: St. Jerome and a Dead Jesuit I.S. of the Society of Jesus)

So who does Ann belong to?
  • Fr. John Zuhlsdorf 
  • Father Alessandro Minutella
  • Forerunner to the Antichrist
Fr Z just today called Ann Barnhardt.....my friend


  1. Come on, DXV, this is a no-brainer. Everyone and their aunt knows that Ann is Skojec's bimbo. Which is why Star Wars Stevie's wife and kids want nothing to do with him.

    1. Hey did you see that Hilary White tweeted to Skojec that he is an arrogant asshole?

    2. Ah, a good old-fashioned cat fight. Hilary is probably very upset that Skojec is neglecting her in favour of Crazy Ann.

      She should remember the old adages: "lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas" and "don't hate the playa (Skojec), hate the game (Rad Tradism)". ^_^

    3. Ann selling Opus Dei Coffee cups?

    4. Looks like she's going to cat-fight with Randy Engel next. ^_^

    5. that should be interesting....


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