Michael Voris Single Handedly Destroyed Tradition In The Madison Diocese...By Berating And Manhandling The Bishop Of Buffalo....

Hey! who destroyed Tradition in the Diocese of Madison?

1. Pope Francis
2. Michael Voris

Yes that's right! Michael Voris single handedly destroyed tradition in the Madison Diocese by abusing the Bishop of Buffalo.

Remember Voris is an Ex-Sodomite who hid his wicked lifestyle from his followers for years.

Voris claims that he quit his Sodomite lifestyle after his Mother died in 2004. Voris was 43 at the time.

Within one year Voris started a Catholic Apostate - he was to charge money to Catholics to be taught the Catholic Faith.

No one questions why a Catholic should have to pay MONEY to learn about the Catholic Faith.

Apparently charging Catholics money to hear the Faith preached to them by an Ex-Sodomite Layman is OK....

Well from what I can tell - only an Ex-Sodomite would publicly treat a Bishop in this manner while filming it and then posting it on-line for all to see.

This Ex-Sodomite has no shame:

With in one week after this Ex-Sodomite publicly molested a New Mass saying Bishop in Public another Bishop died unexpectedly - but this Bishop was a Latin Mass saying Traditional Bishop:

Madison, Wisconsin prelate known for fostering traditional liturgy and orthodoxy

MADISON, Wisc. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Bishop Robert C. Morlino passed away the evening of November 24, days after suffering from cardiac arrest. The 71-year-old bishop of Madison, Wisconsin died at about 9:15 p.m. on Saturday at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, where he had been hospitalized since Nov. 21 following a "cardiac event," according to a diocesan press release. The heart problem emerged during a planned medical examination. The press statement notes that Bp. Morlino sought to foster a greater sense of reverence at Mass, to improve both the quality and the quantity of seminarians and to encourage Catholic institutions to greater fidelity. "All objective indicators point to the fact that Bishop Morlino accomplished what he set out to do in the diocese, by the way of fostering greater priestly vocations (he ordained 40 men to the priesthood, with another 24 presently in formation)," the statement reads, "bringing a greater sense of reverent worship to the entire diocese, and he made significant inroads toward encouraging the Catholic institutions in his care to live out their mission with greater fidelity, during his fifteen-plus years as Bishop of Madison. We pray this continues."Often considered an ally of tradition-minded Catholics, the late bishop voiced support for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò and called out the homosexual subculture run rampant in the Church. The late bishop wrote in a letter to the diocese in August, "It is time to admit that there is a homosexual subculture within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that is wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord." Source

So Voris single handedly destroyed tradition in the Madison Diocese

DIVINE PROVIDENCE just punished the Rad Trad Lay Community for Voris' folly......

Maybe Pope Francis will appoint another Traditional Bishop to replace Bishop Morlino....

Then again most Rad Trads are not holding their breath.