RAD TRAD CRAZY TRAIN! Barnhardt Off To Consult With HIGH-LEVEL People And Steve Skojec Declares No Ones Opinion Matters Except His!


I’m on the road to consult with high-level people with expertise in these matters.....Source


Dave Domet (Vox Cantoris) .......In one of his Christmas Posts Dave CURSED one of his Rad Trad enemies for Christmas saying something to the effect that he knows that they will have a very bad Christmas...Dave has since removed that curse. 


  1. No, Vox did not. I read Vox's posts over Christmas. He made no such comment about Ann B. and Steve S. in relation to their Christmases.

    1. Never said Dave CURSED Ann B or Steve S. to have a bad Christmas.

      Did I?

      So you do admit that Dave DID CURSE a fellow Catholic into having a very bad Christmas.

      Dave took the comment down.

    2. Again, what's your problem?

    3. Ah, I misread. You said "one of his Rad Trad enemies." Still, my comment stands. Vox did no such thing.

      My problem is that you purport to follow our Lady of La Salette while spreading calumny and slander about people who have done nothing to you. Not fitting for someone who purports to follow the Blessed Virgin, who was purer than any one of us can hope to be, is it?

      You might want to shut down this blog and the other blogs you maintain.

    4. Are you threatening me?


      Are you censoring me?


      Are you telling me that mine opinions do not matter?


      Maybe you & Dave can sue me.....


      Do you and Dave hold to your own standards?


      Again, what's your problem?


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