Atheist Asks Why Didn't God Save The People Who Died While Worshiping Him During The Recent Attacks?

Atheist wants to know why God didn't save MUSLIMS JEWS CATHOLICS during the recent  terror attacks:

3 horrible events in the Churches Mosques and Synagogue of the 3 Abrahamic religions.


The MUSLIMS and JEWS do not have the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Therefore MUSLIMS and JEWS are not protected by God.

As for the Sri Lankan Catholics who do attend the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Why didn't God protect those Catholics?

Because of the irreverence and impiety shown by those Sri Lankan Catholics during the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

You want to be protected by God and worship Him in Peace? then you must show reverence during the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

You must make an interior Sacrifice that is acceptable to God and you must attend the Visible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The NEW MASS inspires irreverence and impiety in the laity and in the clergy.

The laity who attend the NEW MASS do not know how to behave - they are rude obnoxious and impious. The clergy encourage such ill behavior.


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