Fr Z's Priest & Guns Corner: Priest & Neighbor Are Arrested After Taking Turns Shooting Each Other While Wearing A Bulletproof Vest


I wonder if Fr Z was ever tempted to do the same?

Priest and his neighbor are arrested after taking turns shooting each other while wearing a bulletproof vest - but he initially tells police he was injured saving an 'asset' from assassination

A pair of neighbors from Arkansas with a bulletproof vest and too much spare time on their hands have been arrested after officials say they took turn shooting each other while wearing the protective gear. Charles Ferris, 50, and 36-year-old Christopher Hicks were booked into the Benton County Jail on Monday on suspicion of aggravated assault. A police affidavit says the two men, who live next door to each other in Rogers, were drinking alcohol on a deck Sunday when Ferris, who describes himself as an Evangelical Anglican priest, told Hicks to shoot him with a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle while Ferris wore the bulletproof vest. Source