This Is What You Get When Americans Blaspheme The HOLY NAME OF JESUS 24/7: Anxiety Simmers As MASS SHOOTINGS Loom Any Time, Anywhere...

Those who drive carts cannot speak without putting the name of my Son in the middle. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) 

Saying “Jesus Christ!” In Vain (Not In Prayer Or Praise Or Supplication) Is A MORTAL SIN.....

Saying the Name of Jesus in Vain. In the Second Part of the Second Part, question 122 article 3, St. Thomas Aquinas expounds on Exodus 20:7, “Thou shalt not take the name of…thy God in vain,” by saying that this is actually blasphemy, and that “blasphemy or any word or deed that is an insult to God is much more grievous than perjury.” Thus, saying “Jesus Christ!” in vain (not in prayer or praise or supplication) is a mortal sin. Remember, as I said above, that sins exacting death in the Old Testament usually cause spiritual death in the New Testament. Please remember that the name of Jesus is as holy as the name Yahweh, because it is the same person, God. If someone said the latter in the Old Testament, they would be stoned to death. Nowadays, in the New Covenant, judgment is reserved, which is why we do not die immediately upon committing a mortal sin like saying God’s name in vain. In short, we have time to confess this sin before judgment. Now, I doubt that saying “Oh my God! is a mortal sin.” Also, if you slam your finger in your car door and yell Our Lord’s Most Holy Name, it is probably not a mortal sin since you did not act with full consent. Obviously, if you’re going through childbirth or being tortured for Christ, yelling the holy name of “Jesus!” is not only not sinful, but even meritorious, as you are begging Him for help! But just going around and misusing the Holy Name of Jesus in a willy-nilly manner is most certainly a mortal sin that calls down punishment on you and those around you. As I always tell youth groups: “When you say the name of Jesus in prayer, angels come to you and demons flee. When you misuse the name of Jesus, angels flee and demons come to you.” Father David Nix  Source

What do any of you expect?

Do you really think that the GOD who made you in His image does not pay attention to what you think say and do?

Americans have a wicked habit of Blaspheming the Holy Name of JESUS 24/7.

Call this a wake up call....

Doom is just beginning...

America changed: Anxiety simmers as mass shootings loom any time, anywhere

Motorcycles backfired in Times Square last week. It sounded like gunfire, and panic ensued in the heart of New York City. The same night, a sign fell during a concert at a Utah mall. The loud bang when it hit the floor sounded something like a gunshot, and sent people racing into stores to hide. Balloons popped in a dorm in March on the University of Michigan campus. Outside, a vigil was underway for those killed in the massacre at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Dozens of students heard the loud popping sounds and called 911, leading to a campus lockdown and hours-long search for a gunman who didn't exist. These scenes paint a portrait of America in 2019. It's a place where anxiety about gun violence is always at a low simmer, ready to boil over at the slightest provocation. Source

If you feel the need to make reparation for the abuse of the Holy Name Of JESUS when tragedy or disasters strikes please Pray the JESUS PSALTER found here

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