Is Michael Matt Trying To Sow Division Within The SSPX Under The Guise of Uniting The Klans?

Lover of Putin

Lover of Democracy

Lover of Apostate Salvini

Is now the Lover of Unity?

I bet not.

The Altar Railing separates the Sacred from the Profane.

Matt is a LAYMAN with NO AUTHORITY on the other side of the Altar Railing.

Because Matt is on the profane side of the Altar Railing.

The Devil is always first on the scene and since Matt knows that some will make note that Matt is a Layman with no authority on the other side of the Altar Railing - in the below video he shows a clip  of Laymen at the Altar dropping the Ciborium - spilling the Hosts on the floor. Matt asks why are there laymen on the Altar - they don't belong there says Matt - neither do you Mr. Matt.

Matt does to deflect from the fact that he too has invaded the other side of the Altar Railing where only the Priest belongs.

Well, Matt neither do you as a Laymen belong on the other side of the Altar Railing telling that the Priests of the SSPX must unite with the FSSP. Its none of your business Mr. Layman Matt.

I bet Matt has influenced a few SPPX Priests to break away from the SSPX and join the FSSP.

Matt will declare it a success for his Unit the Klans initiative.

Matt will then blame those obstinate SPPX Priests who refuse to join the FSSP of causing Division when in fact it was the Devil and Matt sowing Division in the SSPX.

Here watch Matt's video: