ROBOPRIEST: Villanova Theologian Ilia Delio Said Robotic Priests Could Replace Male Priests.....

Theologian Ilia Delio 

Robopriest: Catholic church could ordain sophisticated AI ROBOTS as priests, Franciscan Sister proposes, with the church moving towards a 'post-human priesthood' 

A senior Catholic sister and theologian has suggested sophisticated robots could be used as priests. Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio who has two PhDs and a chair in theology at Villanova University, said the priesthood should be 'reimagined' with robots working alongside, or instead of, human religious figures. Delio, who gives talks on theology and science around the world, said robotic priests would have certain advantages, such as being incapable of committing sexual abuse and being gender neutral. The sister, who holds the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair of Theology at Villanova University, added that male priests had formed a 'very patriarchal' system, something that would be challenged by artificial intelligence.Delio told Vox: 'Take the Catholic Church. It's very male, very patriarchal, and we have this whole sexual abuse crisis. So would I want a robot priest? Maybe.' 'A robot can be gender-neutral. It might be able to transcend some of those divides and be able to enhance community in a way that's more liberating.'Source