Antichrist To Abolish Public Masses + US Catholic Dioceses Abolish Public Masses As Of 18 March 2020

The daily Sacrifice of the Mass is the Supreme act of our devotion & greatest gift that we may present to God & with which God is most delighted: so no other act, or gift will be more maligned by Antichrist ; in so much as he will employ all his might to suppress it, with Churches, Altars, priests, and all things else belonging therto They shall pollute (saith Daniel) the Sanctuary of force, and shall take away the daily Sacrifice: which he repeateth after in the chapter following. Whereupon  said St. Hippolit: The precious Body and Blood of Christ will not be extant in thousand days; the sacrifice will be extinguished; to wit for the public use thereof, being otherwise secretly to continue to the end.  HF 1611

US Bishops are now in the camp of the Antichrist

The US Bishops are doing what the Antichrist will do at the end of days.