Rad Trad Steve Skojec Demands That The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass Should Be Suspended - Go Shopping Instead At WALMART + COSTCO + Olive Garden + Burger King + Starbucks....

Steve Skojec
False/Fat Prophet

OK I called it.

The Latin Mass pews have been infiltrated by the wicked.

Go ahead and read how the wicked Rad Trads really do hate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass here 

Get this - Phoenix resident Steve Skojec said the prudent thing to do is to skip Mass on Sunday because of the Coronavirus fears.

OK but is Phoenix Costco still open?

Is Phoenix Walmart open?

How about Phoenix Burger King?

Phoenix Olive Garden?

Phoenix Churchill's Fine Cigars?

Phoenix Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe?

Phoenix  Gary's Liquor?

Phoenix  Lucky's Liquor?

Steve Skojec
False/Fat Prophet