Did Archbishop Viganò And Dr. Taylor Marshall Donate Large Amounts Of Money To The Trump Campaign In Order To Have President Trump Elevate Viganò & Marshall In His Tweets?

Hey, its a fair question.

Knowing now that Dr. Taylor Marshall staged the whole Pachamama stunt and gave rise or elevated Alexander Tschugguel to Rad Trad Hero status.  Alexander  now has his very own wiki page!

Marshall planned the stunt and paid for Tschugguel to carry out the stunt.

Marshall lied to his audience and to the world.

Marshall never apologized for the ruse.

Marshall played you like a fool.

No on cared

Here's the video - mind you Marshall and Tschugguel act as if they never met: 

If Marshall got away with the Pachamama Fraud why not do it again?

This time Marshall and Viganò banned together and sent funds to the Trump Campaign and kindly asked if the President could please sent out a couple of Tweet promoting their cause.

Trump Tweeted  Viganò  first.

That Tweet got a lot of attention.

I'm thinking that when Viganò  sent the letter to the President he also enclosed large check to the President's campaign.  Viganò  is not a poor man.

So after the success of that Viganò  Tweet - Marshall's turn was next:

Of course Marshall acted surprised when his followers Tweeted him about the President's Tweet.

It's rather sickening to think that these two shameless self promoters would do such a thing.

We would like to think that Trump just Tweeted these two tweets of his own volition.

But we know Trump has avaricious appetite.

I know that there is something fishy about Marshall and Viganò.

All three are showmen

So I won't put it pass these two to do such a thing.

I certainly don't see Trump converting to the Catholic Faith any time soon let alone converted by Viganò and Marshall

CNA is exposing Archbishop Viganò And Dr. Taylor Marshall

Here's Marshall response to the above CNA article:

Here's me asking questions...

I'll let you know if I get any response....