I Stand With Divine Providence And Against The US Bishops On Their Day Of Mourning For Hagia Sophia

Day of Mourning?

No day to acknowledge Divine Providence.

The Greeks rejected the Supreme Authority of the Holy Roman Pontiff

The Greeks deny the correct doctrine of Christ's TWO WILLS

There are TWO WILLS in Christ

1. Human
2. Divine

Greeks claim that Christ has only one will - the Divine Will.

Because the of error of the Greeks they lost:

1. The Empire 
2. Constantinople
3. Hagia Sophia

And their Empire was over run by the Muslim horde. This is a direct Punishment of Divine Providence for their obstinate errors against the Pope and against Jesus Christ Himself.

Until you Greeks do penance and submit yourselves to the Holy Roman Pontiff and renounce your errors of Monophysitism your nation will continue to be punished by the Hand of God.

So no I don't mourn for the lost of Hagia Sophia.

You Greeks deserve your Divine punishment.

You US Bishops are wrong again.

I Pray to God that He soon takes vengeance on you wicked Bishops....