After Year Long Investigation Christine Niles Can Only Find TWO SSPX Priests Out Of 1000 Priests And Religious Who Were Accused Of Abuse? What?


Gary Voirs is/was a Sodomite for FORTY years.

Christine Niles mother of four bastard slips doesn't have a problem with a layman who engaged in Sodomy for forty years (if he ever gave it up)

Again here are the two names of SSPX priests who been accused:

1. Fr. Frédéric Abbet 

2. Fr. Pierre de Maillard

There are 1000 SSPX priests and religious.

Two have been accused.

Fr. Frédéric Abbet crime took place in 2010

That's 10 years ago

Fr. Pierre de Maillard crime took place in 2006 

That's over 14 years ago

Investigative reporter Christine Niles can't seem to find any other SSPX Priests or Religious who are accused of abuse.

One year of investigative reporting...

What does forty years of Sodomy do to an anus? Maybe Christine Nile can ask her Sodomite boss Gary...