Rad Trad Leader Steve Skojec Claims He's Not A White Nationalist! Junior Staff At Penguin Random House Canada Tried To Block New Book From Icon Of White Supremacy Jordan Perterson

Steve Skojec is a fan of a drug addict White Nationalist Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson is an intellectual Atheist who believes in God, and is a drug addict. (Peterson recently publicly admitted to his drug addiction - just like Rad Trad hero Gary Voris publicly admitting  that  he is Sodomite  after gaining a following)

Rad Trad Leader Skojec who publicly doubts his Catholic faith (all the time - he gets off on it.) Has no problem falling under the influence of a drug addict Atheist Intellectual.

If you read Skojec on twitter you will realize that Skojec uses his Twitter followers as a "psychiatrist's couch"

Twitter is his psychotherapy session.

Sick and twisted I know but that is the purpose of Steve's rants on Twitter.

To get feedback from his Twitter followers and not having to pay for it.

Read all of his Twitter responses and you will see.

Oh poor Stevie etc...

This is a reason why Skojec hates Parler - he doesn't get the same feedback as he does with Twitter....

Twitter is a better "psychiatrist's couch" that Parler is.

Steve has repeatedly claimed he is not a Nationalist.

And yet Steve is forever telling his followers of the love he has for a white Nationalist - Jordan Peterson.

So Steve this is how it works -

If you are not a Nationalist then do not read Nationalist works by Nationalist authors.

Do not influence others into reading the works of a Nationalist.

Really? Is that too hard to comprehend?

Here is the latest on controversy surrounding the White Nationalist Jordan Peterson:

Jordan Peterson's daughter says crying snowflake staff at Penguin Random House Canada should be fired after their bid to block conservative psychologist's new book 

Jordan Peterson's daughter has said crying staff at Penguin Random House Canada should be fired after their bid to block the conservative psychologist's new book. Quoting a Vice article on the subject of her father's work, Mikhaila Peterson tweeted Tuesday: 'How to improve business in 2 steps: Step 1: identify crying adults Step 2: fire.' Junior staff at the publishing house on Monday tried to block the publication of Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, calling author Jordan Peterson an 'icon of white supremacy and hate speech'. Four employees told Vice that the company held a town hall about it. They did not want to be named for fear of losing their jobs, they said. In a follow up tweet Mikhaila shared a link to Amazon, writing: 'Book for sale here.' Jordan Peterson is well-known for his 'grow up' approach to adulthood and his 2018 book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, is an international bestseller, having sold more than 5million copies around the world. He's been hailed by the right for his fearless refusal to bow down to political correctness and ostracized by the left for his controversial opinions. Among his views is that the notion of white privilege is itself racist and that laws which force people to use transgender pronouns are unconstitutional. Peterson, who nearly died earlier this year after overdosing on anti-anxiety pills benzodiazepines, has written the new book that is to be published by Random House as a follow-on to his first. Source