Reason & Theology: Review Of Taylor Marshall's Infiltration With Kevin J. Symonds And Riverrun

Michael Lofton is Reason & Theology. He wrote Is My Baby In Hell by Michael Lofton: Hope for Parents of Unbaptized Infants see here 

Kevin J. Symonds is a product of Franciscan University of Steubenville. Became a Benedictine Oblate Norcia Italy in August 2011. Five years later in August 2016 a 6.6 earthquake hit Norcia and destroyed the Monastery. The founding members of Norcia are from Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. He works for a Catholic apostolate. He specializes in the Catholic Church’s theology of private revelation. One of the editors of Taylor Marshall's Infiltration  is Fr. Christensen a Norcia Oblate.....(55 min mark)

Riverrun is a convert. Has been a Catholic for only 10 years.


  1. Who is the guy in the t-shirt with the ginger hair? This is pretty boring.

    1. He goes by Riverrun - I think he is a philosopher PhD? (he does a better job of explaining things than Marshall.)

      And yes it is somewhat boring - its 2 hours long but Riverrun gave an interesting breakdown of Marshall's view.

      I did listen to the whole thing.

      The news out of all of this is that there is a French Priest who is about to publish some research on the questions of the two version of the La Salette Secret at the 2hr and 14 minute mark. I bet it will be published on the Feast of Our Lady of Knock 21 Aug or Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept.

    2. I'll listen to that part then.

    3. Oh and heads up I think there's a war a brewing in the Rad Trad Camp on Space Aliens.

      Camp Steve Skojec Pro-Space Aliens versus the Camp of Taylor Marshall Space Aliens are DEMONS....

      This will be far more interesting.


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