Steve Skojec Doesn't Go To Mass???? FSSP Mater Misericordiae Catholic Church In Phoenix, Arizona Offers Five Masses On Sunday

Early Morning Drive In The Desert
No Time For Mass

FSSP Mater Misericordiae Catholic Church In Phoenix, Arizona Offers Five Masses On Sunday


6:30 AM Low Mass; 
8:00 AM Low Mass; 
10:30 AM High Mass; 
12:30 PM Low Mass; 
2:00 PM Low Mass 

FSSP Mater Misericordiae Catholic Church In Phoenix, Arizona Offers Three Masses every day Monday thru Saturday


6:30 AM
12:30 PM
6:30 PM

What? Five Masses on Sunday?

What? Three Masses every day Monday thru Saturday?

That's a total of TWENTY THREE MASSES during the week?


Are you kidding me?

Skojec is telling everyone he can't make it to one of those TWENTY THREE MASSES?


How many Catholics go to One Peter Five and tell of their problems in trying to get to Mass. Some drive hours just to attend Mass.

And this prick can not avail himself to get to any of these FIVE MASSES on Sunday?

Skojec is a jerk.

FSSP Mater Misericordiae Catholic Church In Phoenix, Arizona Offers Offers Confessions Every Day Of The Week.

SUNDAY-FRIDAY: Begin 30 minutes before and end 5 minutes before each Mass approximately; 



Yet the man who was to restore the Church has not attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for well over one year. Neither has his wife or Children. Steve complains that the Church is too crowded and he has to sit in the overflow and watch the Mass closed circuit TV. Steve says "So why not just stay at home and watch a live streaming Mass on TV?" Steve didn't think that those at the Church in the overflow still receive HOLY COMMUNION when he at home does not.

Why is the restorer of the church afraid or unwilling to receive the Blessed Sacrament for well over one year? 

Steve claims that the Bishop gave a dispensation for not attending Mass during the Covid Hysteria.

What kind of restorer of the Church refuses to attend Mass?

Now Steve is complaining that his FSSP priest will not baptize his child 

FSSP Mater Misericordiae Catholic Church In Phoenix Website:

Parishioners who have a new child should make an appointment with one of our priests about 1 month prior to the due date. Current Church Law requires that parents have their child baptized within 1 month after birth. SOURCE

Its Steve's own fault for not making an appointment 1 month prior to the due date.

What? does Steve expect special treatment

Again what kind of restorer of the Church delays the Baptism of his own child?

Skojec is a jerk.

Skojec claims that the Priest refuses  to give first communion to his other child.


Well Steve does not practice his Catholic Faith - he hasn't for well over a year. He has publicly admitted this in his writings.

Bad habits grow stronger the more you give in to them.

Why is Steve putting his own family through this hell?

Because he will sue the FSSP for spiritual abuse - claiming that the FSSP priest denied the Sacraments to his family.

Then Steve will use his self loathing writings as exhibit A in the trial.

Steve hopes to settle out of court for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Steve will then move on to his next victim.

That pretty much sums it up of what's going on with this grifter.

No Time For Mass


  1. The bigger they (think) they are, the harder they fall. This is so absurd.

    1. Yes I understand that Steve is pushing 300lbs...

  2. Why wasnt he at mass? Yes there is a dispensation but that doesnt mean dont go. It means if you're compromised you can stay home. Most of us have been back at Mass for months now. Even with a dispensation. I think it was a convenient excuse for him to not go and he should own that.


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