FSSP Witch Christine Niles Is Envious That The SSPX Is Raising Money For New Church - The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Chapel In Linden, VA


So what does the failings of three SSPX priests that took place twenty years ago have to donating money t build a new church?

The FSSP witch Christine Niles is still raging about three SSPX priest that did something 20 years ago.

The FSSP witch claims to be an investigative reporter. Finding only three cases in the last twenty years is not much of an investigation. 

Like all witches Ms. Niles is envious.

I really do hope the Vatican shuts down the FSSP. 

Here if you want to donate to help build a SSPX church In Linden, VA:

Help build the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel

Read the envious hag Ms. Niles....